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Stasher Silicon Storage Bags
Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags

Don't be fooled by similar looking silicon bags - Stasher is king when it comes to alternatives to plastic baggies for food storage. These awarding-winning creations are familiar pinch-press self-sealing non-plastic bags that can be used again and again. Can be used in fridge, freezer, microwave, and even in boiling water. 

Each Stasher saves 540 plastic bags per year

Ecoware Reusable Mesh Produce Bags
Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

It's great that supermarkets across the nation are moving away from plastic grocery bags, but we continue to overlook the plastic produce bags that are used to only from the display case to the register to your pantry - and then tossed!  Average lifespan = 15 minutes! Instead, switch to these reusable mesh produce bags.  Cashiers can still read the labels to punch in the number at check out, and you won't be wastefully using plastic bags.

Saves 1,000 plastic bags 

Nummyware Plastic-free Glass Food Containers with Bamboo Tops
Nummyware Plastic-free Glass Food Containers with Sustainable Bamboo Tops

It is hard to find cost-effective, reliable, food storage without plastic tops, but Nummyware hit the mark.  These glass containers with bamboo tops are effective, durable, and look incredibly sharp. This 8-piece variety pack are air-tight and able to be heated up to 520 degrees, these can be used in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. Biodegradable lids and environmentally friendly materials, you'll find yourself using these over and over again in your kitchen.

Saves 800 plastic packages per year

Lunchskins Paper Sandwich Bags
Lunchskins Recyclable + Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags

These are GREAT alternatives to single-use plastic baggies or bees-wax wrap bags if you don't love those (even though those are great for the environment too). These are sealable and recyclable and perfect for replacing your old plastic sandwich bags.

Saves 50 plastic sandwich bags per box

Naturally Sensible Nylon Mesh Bags

Known for their durability, these reusable, see-through mesh bags are high quality and perfect for grocery store shopping. Many uses and can be easily taken anywhere. Washable and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Over 1,200 5-star ratings from satisfied shoppers.

Saves 260 plastic bags per year

Creatiee Net Cotton Strong Shopping Bags

These reusable shopping bags that are made from cotton net bags are stretchy and can hold up to 18 pounds! Super convenient, washable, compact, lightweight and durable, these are must haves for your shopping needs.

Each bags saves 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime

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