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To Eat With

Ecovita Compostible Disposable Cutlery
Ecovita Compostible Disposable Cutlery Combo

380 forks, knives, and spoons for parties or events. Durable - they won't soften or absorb heat and are guilt-free for your guests. The best part is that they are made from plant-based materials and will biodegrade in 2-4 months instead of 100 years! 60-day money back guarantee included.

Saves 380 plastic utensils per package

ecolunchbox utensils
Ecolunchbox Bamboo Utensil & Straw Set

Why use-and-toss plastic utensils when you are grabbing lunch or breakfast on the run? This convenient set contains all the utensils you'll need for on-the-go eating. Elegant design and comes nicely stored in an organic cotton mesh bag to keep them all together.

Saves 624 plastic utensils per year

Lille Home Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box
Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel Thermal Compartment Lunch Box

Ditch the plastic bags and containers for this mix-and-match this stackable thermos for your meals on the go. Up to four environmentally friendly containers that can keep food warm up to 4 hours, or just grab one for a lighter meal. Insulating carrying case is a plus and even includes a stainless steel foldable spoon in the top.

Saves 300 plastic packages per year

ecolunchbox 3in1 giant
EcoLunchBox 3-in-1 Giant

Stainless steel is a fantastic alternative to plastic bags/containers for lunch, and EcoLunchBox has mastered these eco-friendly containers. Lots of varieties to choose from, but we prefer the 3-in-1 Giant, which can actually hold enough food for a hungry appetite, keeps food separated, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Saves 900 plastic bags per year

Ecovita Cutlery
Ecolunchbox utensils
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