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Plastic Bottles

UNplastic Nation

Providing alternative products for plastic without compromising your lifestyle 

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We've done the research so you don't have to.  Find environmentally friendly non-plastic products to replace everyday plastic consumer products without any extra effort.  We will quickly get you on your way to reducing your plastic footprint with minimal lifestyle changes.


Why go UNplastic?

Every single piece of plastic ever created still exists in some form. Humans are so addicted to plastic that we use it and discard it every day, usually without even noticing. Each year, humans discard billions of plastic products, often after only a single use, and our planet can't handle the impact. Plastic is covering every corner of our planet and is steadily killing it.  We have to change our insatiable consumption on a global level, or humans will drown in our own creation.

It feels overwhelming to even know where to begin.

We can't expect people to eliminate all plastic use from their lives - to do so would be highly disruptive and only tolerable by the ultra-committed. Plastics are everywhere and in everything - it would be nearly impossible to avoid them altogether.


But there is a solution. It starts with small, individual buying and usage choices. When one person makes a conscious decision to consume less plastic, it reduces their contribution to the problem. When masses of people make the same decision, it makes an enormous global impact.

There is more good news: New technologies and environmentally-friendly entrepreneurs are creating quality, cost-effective, accessible alternatives to common plastic products and packaging that, when adopted by the public, have the potential to shift the tide.

Creating an UNplastic Nation, starts with YOU. Make the simple choice to replace one plastic item in your daily life with an alternative.  

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