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How to go UNPlastic

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How Big Oil and Big Soda kept a global environmental calamity a secret for decades.

Exceptional article by Tim Dickinson for Rolling Stone Magazine (March 2020)


New Enzyme Breaks Down Plastic in Hours and Enables High-Quality Recycling

Encouraging article by Scott Snowden for Forbes Magazine (April 2020)

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Earth911 has a massive database of recycling centers all across America that will accept 350 types of materials.  Come to find the closest site, but stay for their comprehensive reference materials to elevate your recycling IQ.

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We love this standardized labelling system that is instructional for consumers on how to recycle plastic packaging.  Numerous mainstream brands are adopting this innovative and environmental game-changing system, but the public needs to become more aware of the great resource right under our noses.

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We dispose of mountains of plastic wrapping and film (think of all the plastic wrap that you peal off the items you buy) and much of it can be recycled, not trashed.  Check out this link to learn about what can be dropped off and even find local collection sites (hint: it's probably your local grocery store).

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